Rachel Morgan

We live year-round on Transylvania’s campus; it’s not like home, wherever that is, and often students can feel uncomfortable or nervous when moving here for the first year. That’s very normal! After all, we all have that first move-out, the nerves and the jitters, and then, if you’re a small town girl like me, Lexington can feel very big, busy and imposing. The Department of Public Safety is on campus to take care of us though, and we’re not alone.

I have often had to stay on academic side until the wee hours of the morning, be it studying in a friend’s room in Hazelrigg (the only dual academic building and dormitory) or finishing a project the music technology lab (I was there until four in the morning once, and often stayed until two or three to perfect my projects). It can be frightening to around at night by yourself. I admit, I don’t prefer the lonely walk, and often will wait for a friend to be done in the lab so we can walk back together.

When I’m alone, though, I call DPS. They’ll pick me up from anywhere on campus and get me back to my dorm safely. I hate to call them out in the cold or the dark, and I once apologized to the officer who picked me up as I thanked him. He gave me a look for a moment, then smiled. “No problem, miss. You can always call us when you need to get back home in the dark – I never want a student to have to walk alone in the dark. Always call us and we’ll get someone to pick you up as soon as we can.” He was happy to accept my thanks, and gave me a wave as he watched me get inside the dorms. 

I often greet the DPS officers when I pass them – a lot of them know me by face, since I worked over the summer last year and am very scatterbrained, so I often stop by to check the lost and found. They like their work, and often ask me how I’m doing, how are classes going, what am I looking forward to most. They take care of us here at Transy – and of course, they make sure that we’re safe. Lexington still kind of feels like a big city to me (especially compared to home) but I don’t feel so nervous anymore.