Campus Improvements

Sam Crankshaw

In a campus community as intimate as Transylvania’s, the Student Government Association pulls a fair amount of weight. Consequently, we are able to accomplish a number of tasks that benefit the students regarding academic and student policy, as well as physical improvements.

Recently, SGA worked to convert a relatively abandoned conference room in Forrer Hall into a movie theater. This theater is not just for formal use. It can be reserved by students for personal use to watch movies, game, and practice presentations.

The seating will be made out of shipping palettes with large cushions and pillows. There will also be a large screen TV and some table seating. The palette idea, discovered by SGA member Ashton Ogle, will cut costs, bring some edgy, urban appeal to the room, and be environmentally conscious–this will not be the palettes’ first use and they are made using few materials.

There are currently places on campus to view movies, but this room will bring Transy students a comfortable and accessible theater on the residential side of campus.

Moreover, SGA is converted a forgotten “closet” in the Forrer Computer Lab into a 24-hour study space. This space has a conference table, comfortable chairs, a white board wall, and student artwork. This space provides students with a more intimate and group oriented 24-hour quiet study space on campus.

Both of these improvements greatly increase spaces on campus for students to socialize and develop academically. Additionally, both of these projects will take place in Forrer, one of the major hubs on campus; Forrer houses the Cafeteria, the Department of Public Safety, Student Health, Residence Life, is attached to the William T. Young Campus Center, and currently houses many of Transy’s women.

At Transylvania, the administration listens to its students. With such an engaged student body, we would be hard to ignore anyway. Transylvania is already a premier center of thought and an educational leader, but we still continue to work hard to make the University excel even more.