Keeping in Touch

Justine Yentsch

As you’re heading off to college, you’re hit with a barrage of advice from relatives, teachers, and older friends, but one of the most important pieces of advice you should remember is to try to keep in contact with people back home as much as possible. It makes the transition from high school to college much easier, and it’s always better to combat homesickness before it even starts. Sure, if you go home during breaks you’ll get to see everyone, but there’s something very therapeutic about calling/skype-ing with your best friend or convincing your family to put your pet in front of the webcam.

College lets you meet tons of new people, and with about 1,100 students at Transy, you’re bound to find many people who share your interests and make you laugh. However, it’s nice to have a support system coming from back home, so you can tell someone (and brag) about all your new experiences and adventures. I’m not telling you to start up scrapbooking (sorry mom, I haven’t taken your advice to make one), but I’ve made sure to take a lot of pictures and posting a lot to Facebook so my parents that I’m not just hiding in my dorm all the time. You can keep framed pictures of friends, family, and pets around your dorm, and some people make murals on their walls of their favorite photos.

Another thing that I’ve recently discovered is how exciting it is to give and receive letters. You can buy cheap cards at the store or just use plain paper, but really all you need is a stamp and an envelope. Include ticket stubs from shows you’ve seen at school, stickers, pictures…anything you think the recipient will appreciate. And it’s really easy to mail letters at Transy, since you just have to drop it in the mail slot in the back lobby of Forrer dorms. Receiving packages is also very simple, so you can feel free to (subtly) hint to your family that you’d like a care-package every once in a while. You get an email once it’s delivered to the mail room, and depending on the size, you pick it up from either the mail room in Old Morrison or the back lobby of Forrer.

With so many ways to keep in touch with your family and friends back home, even if you live in another state (or country), you don’t really have any excuses not to stay in contact. It makes your first year at college much you easier, and when you talk to them every once in awhile, you can show them how glad you are that you chose Transylvania University.