Pizza, Calzones, and Other Reasons Ordering Food is Perfect

Justine Yentsch

There is just something about college that makes late-night pizza orders perfectly acceptable no matter what situation.

Studying? Of course you deserve cinnamon sticks.

Failed a test? Obviously you need a large cheese pizza (and you should probably start reading your textbook more often)

Got an A on a test? Pretty sure cheese sticks are necessary.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for ordering food in Lexington, no matter what time, mood, or craving. In fact, periodically through the year, you get coupon books in the mail, with deals on everything from haircuts to chili. And at Transylvania, there are definitely some favorites that are pretty much offered every time there is free food offered at an event (which thankfully happens quite often). Since Lexington is a college town, there are many restaurants in close proximity, so it doesn’t take long for your delivery-person to arrive in Back Circle with your food (and yes, every delivery service I’ve experienced so far already knows where the Transylvania dorms are). So here are some of the classics you’ll have to try sometime in your college life, or even just in the first month of school (No judgement here):

  • Mad Mushroom: Their cheese sticks are literally perfection. Offered quite frequently on campus.
  • Domino’s: Maybe I’m biased since they’re my favorite, but delivery time is really short, and you can always find coupons either online or in the coupon books I mentioned earlier
  • Dontano’s: Pizza, Subs, Salads, and their pepperoni pizza is literally entirely covered with pepperoni.
  • Doughby’s: Unique in that they have a really large selection of calzones and crepes, which can be a welcome change from the usual delivery food.
  • Pizza Hut: Open really late and you can order online if ordering on the phone isn’t really your thing
  • Wing Zone: Why wouldn’t you want wings delivered to you?

Obviously, there are many other choices nearby, including sit-down restaurants that are perfect to go to if you want to explore off-campus, particularly a lot of locally-owned places that don’t exist outside of Lexington! And of course, you have many options on-campus, both right near the dorms and near the academic buildings on campus. You have many options for food at Transylvania University, no matter what your tastes or where you are on-campus. And while you’re probably not making your college decision solely on food, it certainly makes the Transylvania experience that much better.

And don’t worry, you can always balance out any unhealthy choices with some quality time at the Beck Center .