Bon Appetite!

Mattie Bruton

It was a fairly typical Wednesday- I was slogging through my mid week grind, a little stressed by a full plate of Rambler obligations, routine homework, and an impending FYRS presentation. I plotted the distressingly full schedule for the rest of the week as I made my way to the caf to grab a bite of lunch before hitting the books once more.

But when I entered the caf I immediately noticed something that was a little out of the ordinary- the sound of smooth French music, like one might imagine wafting through the night air at a Parisian cafe, was surrounding me. There was also a buzz of energy and excitement in the atmosphere which was rather atypical for a Wednesday lunch hour. At first I was confused, but then I put the pieces together- it was an international lunch day, and today’s theme seemed to be French cuisine.

As a special treat for students, the Study Abroad office and Sodexo partner  once a month to create yummy international themed lunches in the Forrer Cafeteria. And this means more than just a few limp baguettes- for the French international lunch day, the caf truly outdid itself in authenticity and scrumptiousness.

There was so much variety of delectable French dishes, from spinach crepes to ratatouille to bouillabaisse seafood soup, that it was hard to choose which among them. The The pizza bar had been replaced by a selection of grapes, crunchy French bread, and fancy cheeses. For dessert, there was of course all manner of tasty French pastries and mousses.

Even though a French-themed lunch may seem like just a small detail in the grand scheme of things, it truly brightened my day, and I could tell from the smiling faces of others in the cafeteria discussing the food and going back for seconds (or thirds) that it brightened the days of many others as well.

And it’s these little details which make the Transylvania experience truly special. Because when you strip away the numbers and statistics, what’s really going to separate a good college experience from a great college experience is how much the institution cares about you, individually, as a student. At Transy, not only do faculty and staff make sure to get all your needs as a student met, they also go above and beyond the call of duty to weave special treats and surprises into the college routine, allowing you to momentarily kiss the rigors of an end-of-semester workload au-revoir.