Who Wants to be a Major-naire!

Rachel Morgan

So you want to be a major-naire!

Okay, okay, so there’s no fanfare or anything when you announce your major. There’s no way we could do that for everyone. As we all know, though, picking a major is extremely important, not only for our major but for our future. Our parents tell us, our high school teachers tell us, our friends worry over it…it’s all you hear when you talk about going to college: “What are you going to study?”

1. Undecided is okay! Most students come to Transy without really knowing what they want to study. Professors are open to discuss what you need for each major, where that can lead, how to think about each. Upperclassmen often encourage students to stay undecided until they are sure of what they want to study. It’s perfectly acceptable to identify as Undecided until you have to declare your major at the end of your sophomore year.

2. It’s okay to change your major. Yes, you do have to declare at the end of sophomore year. However, Transylvania doesn’t consider that the end-all-be-all. You can decided to change your major at any time, add or drop minors, even….

3. Double majoring is a-okay! You can pick up two majors, though triple-majoring is not recommended. If you have the work ethic for a double major, Transy will support you to the top! It’s rough, and scheduling can be a nightmare, but we want you to succeed at what you want to do, not just attend to attend. We encourage learning; as students, we’re expected to ‘question everything, achieve anything’, and we want to put that to use as much as possible!

4. Your advisors do want to help you excel. My freshman advisor was a Spanish professor. I couldn’t get farther away from Spanish due to some bad experiences in high school. Even as I declared a Psychology major and tried to get into Psych courses, my advisor did her very best to get me into the best courses, get me ready to graduate. I only switched to a Psych major this semester, and even still I am greeted warmly and welcomed by my Freshman advisor into her office. She still cheerfully greets me “Hola Raquel, como estás?!” and despite my fumbled attempts to respond, grins and chatters away with me about classes and courses. The professors want to see us succeed, and will help us to get there.