See the World at Transylvania

Sam Crankshaw

Study abroad is encouraged at almost every university. It is also quite costly at most universities and can often be difficult to transfer class credits back to your home university.

That is not the case at Transylvania University.

One of the reasons I chose to come to Transylvania was the great accessibility to study abroad programs. The University has several partner institutions throughout the world and is a member of the Kentucky Institute for International Studies consortium.

As soon as you become interested in a program, you can get an appointment at our study abroad office within just a couple of days. At that first meeting you can explore your options and finances.

Speaking of finances, study abroad could not be much more affordable than it is here. Regarding semester and year long programs, not only do your outside scholarships and any financial aid that you may have apply to your program costs, but you can apply for additional scholarships through the University and the school you will attend abroad, as well as use up to $5,000 of your academic scholarship from Transy. With all of that said, you can accumulate a pretty sizable budget to take abroad without even dipping into your own pockets. In fact, studying abroad will actually save my parents a little bit of money.

If a semester or year abroad is too long for you to be away from Transy (unlike high school, it is actually hard to leave for extended periods), we also have a May Term. During May Term, you only take one class. Many of our classes go abroad for two to four weeks. While abroad, you not only get to affordably see parts of the world you might not otherwise see, but you can also earn academic credit.

One aspect of the Transylvania edge is its excellent access to study abroad. It is easy to find a program or trip that suits your wants and needs, and it’s even easier to find the money to make it happen. (Many of my friends and I had the most difficulty choosing what country to go to, rather than worrying about working overtime to finance it!) Transylvania University is committed to exposing its students to the world both at home and abroad so that we may cooperate as one group, rather than a divided world.