Transy’s Guide to a Student’s Support System

Rachel Morgan

Sometimes classes are tough. We’ve all run into roadblocks on the road to knowledge before. For some it may be calculus, others may struggle with writing papers. Other students yet may have problems understanding biology or chemistry, while their friends can’t learn foreign languages.

Me? I can’t remember historical facts to save my life. I mix all the dates up in my head, and nothing makes sense to me. I also struggle with Chemistry, all the formulas mix up in my head and I can’t remember how to balance ion formulas (is that even what they’re called? Probably not). I am a Psych major, and I understand psychology and math and even many sciences; however, I needed history and chemistry credits as well.

I was certain I was going to fail, but I didn’t ā€“ thanks to the help I received from Transylvania. My professors were always approachable, willing to help how they could. I’ve had my math professors go over problems with my, my chemistry professors walk me through certain formulas so I could help my lab partner better. They want students to succeed, and are willing to do what they can to help us excel to our highest potential.

There were also the tutors to help me. We have a set of tutors, upperclassmen who are hired by Transy to help underclassmen with different subjects. They have tutors in nearly every major, though the more common ones are majors that contain general education classes. There were many nights that I spent in the library basement with three other classmates, working with a Chemistry major on our lab work so that we could understand what we were supposed to be doing. Meanwhile, my friends sat across the table with a Math tutor, working on statistics or calculus. These tutors are wonderful and always open to walk ins when they’re open; they’re students too, so they understand what we’re going up against in certain classes and can commiserate, aid, and support students through the classes.

There’s even a Writing Center here on campus, where other students will peer review your papers, speeches, or presentations and give their advice to you on how to improve. Students here are hand-chosen by professors and are always ready to help, though you do need appointments here to make sure someone can be there to meet you and work with you. It’s always easy to find help here on Transy’s campus ā€“ you just have to be willing to ask.