Transylvania’s New President


If you’ve been following Transy-related news for the past couple months, you know that our university has announced our 26th president! Here’s a link to the news release to give you all the details about Dr. Carey, who will be starting at Transy this summer.

Earlier this month, Dr. Carey and three other presidential candidates came to visit the university. Their visits were full of meetings and interviews with people all around campus, but each candidate also held a student forum — an open question-and-answer period for us to ask them literally anything we wanted.

The questions students asked ranged from why they’d want to be a university president in the first place to their ideas for increasing school spirit, their goals for Transy in the long term, and their thoughts on our 2020 Strategic Plan.

After each candidate’s visit, there was a survey posted for all students, faculty and staff to submit to the Presidential Search Committee with our feedback. (Every time a major position is being filled like a dean, etc., a search committee is formed and, as far as I know, there’s always a student member on the committee. April, our Student Government Association President, was on this one.) Then the search committee used that feedback in their decision-making process and made a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

That’s the boring process stuff, anyways. The exciting part is that Transylvania is gaining a new president who has accomplished some pretty great things at his previous institution! (Check out that news release link at the top to read about some of them!)

I also had the cool opportunity to give Dr. Carey’s wife a campus tour while they were visiting a few weeks ago. Mrs. Carey was so sweet and was really interested in what life is like here for students. She seemed so excited about the opportunity for her family to move to Lexington from New York — and that was even before Dr. Carey was offered the job!

Now, depending on who you ask, the appointment of a new university president is could be considered major life-changing news or just an interesting new story. I know everyone is excited to see what’s coming in Transy’s future, but it’s also probably true that a change in president will likely not affect the day-to-day life of a student, at least not initially. (I’m actually really just predicting this; I’m envisioning it being kind of like the day after a new president of the U.S. is inaugurated — no matter who won the election, most people’s lives don’t change over night.)

So if you’re curious about Transy’s future — and you should be! — ask us about it! When you come on campus, ask the students you meet on tour and in class what they think about the changes our campus will be going through over the next few years. Regardless of who you ask, though, I’m sure that one theme will emerge: it’s an exciting time to be a Pioneer!