Inside Transy: A Look at Campus Safety

Lesley Goodaker
“Every year, it seems, a new tragic act of violence erupts on one of the country’s college campuses, renewing the fears of parents and students.” (The Daily Beast, 2010)

How big are the dorm rooms? Will I get a private bathroom? Can freshmen have a vehicle on campus? Do I know anyone thinking about going there? How good is the food? These are just a few of the thousands of questions that raced through my mind as I toured college campuses last fall. At the time, they all seemed so important; however, all it took was one tour guide to drastically change my priorities.

Last fall, seeing as I would be forced to make a 3 1/2 drive from home, I chose to tour Transy and my other top-choice college in the same day. Little did I know that that decision would ultimately seal the deal for me. Sure, the first college I toured that morning was beautiful. The tour guide made sure to emphasize that their college had state of the art equipment and facilities, acclaimed professors, and an abundant of study abroad opportunities…but—as I later learned—so did Transy; however, there is one major difference between the two: CAMPUS SAFETY!

Not once during my first tour of the morning did the tour-guide offer information about campus safety. While this may not have been a concern given the college’s small-town location, it was certainly a concern for my mom. My tour-guide at Transy not only made campus safety a priority, but he also made sure to address all of her concerns.

Now, as a student at Transy, it has become blatantly obvious that his description of Transy’s campus safety was spot on! College is hard enough without having to constantly worry about your safety. Knowing that I am not only physically safe, but also have a full support system of students, staff, and professors looking out for me is extremely reassuring!

To help give you a better picture of Transy’s campus safety, here’s a quick  break down:

  1. Transy has a fully developed Emergency Response Plan located on our campus safety page.
  2. There are over 40 “red phones” on campus (available inside and outside of buildings) which are direct links to our Department of Public Safety (DPS) office.
  3. Our T-Alert system allow subscribers to receive a text message in the event of an emergency situation on campus.
  4. In addition to monitoring on campus cameras, our DPS officers patrol campus 24 hours a day by foot, bicycle, and automobile.
  5. The Adopt a Dorm allows students the opportunity to become personally acquainted with safety officers.
  6. Students (and employees) can request a safety escort—day or night—and a safety officer will escort them by car, golf cart, or on foot within approximately one block of the campus.

For more information on our Campus safety check out our campus safety page or schedule your visit today to ask us more!