What You Want? You Know We Got It!

Rachel Morgan

We all know how it feels to butt heads with your parents. They want you to do this, you want to do that; they want to you to play football but maybe you’d rather be in the marching band. There are a lot of these ‘want’ conflicts throughout your life. There’s a saying that ‘parents know what’s best for you’ and yet, you just don’t think they get it. Times have changed. How could what they want for you be right for you if it conflicts with what you want? Well, I’ll tell you, listening to my parents actually helped me in the long run.

I actually didn’t intend to apply to Transylvania at first. I hadn’t gotten the chance to interview or study here before, and I barely heard of the school, despite being close. As the Early Application Deadline drew close, though, my parents kept telling me to apply to Transy. I didn’t know what to think – they had my best interest at heart, but I hadn’t heard of Transylvania from my friends when they applied, hadn’t heard much of them at all. Listening to them, though, I applied….and as detailed in some of my other blogs, Transylvania quickly became my top choice in college, and now is my school.

Now, this was just in applications, I admit. I never faced the issues of my parents wanting me to be in a certain major, though I’ve witnessed it through friends. Some parents are like that – they have their kid’s life planned out from the get-go, leaving no room for you to make your own choices. If that’s the case with you – sit down and talk with your parents about why they want a certain major or career for you. You can’t live your parent’s lives, but they may have reasoning or ideas that you can apply to reaching your own goals, a form of compromise in a way. In the end though, it’s your life – you’re going to have to live it. And your parents need to understand that. It may be an awkward or hard conversation, but it’s one you need to have now, before you get too deep in a subject or career path you don’t like. This is your life, and Transy can help you live it to the fullest; you just have to take the steps you need to, even if you have to have some hard talks to do so.