Life After the Polar Vortex

Justine Yentsch

Unless you haven’t been outside in the past two months, you know that it’s been obnoxiously freezing, to the point that you would worry about frostbite every time you stepped out the door. However, as I am typing this now, it is a sunny 60 degrees, and while that may not sound like a lot compared to summer temperatures, it’s enough to not have to wear a coat to class, which means that I could not be happier. So in honor of this beautiful weather, I’m going to list some ways that you can enjoy warm weather on Transylvania’s campus.

  • Rent a bike (there’s a room in front lobby where you can rent one, and it’s 100% free!)
  • Sit in Forrer courtyard (you can sit on the porch swing and relax as you watch the fountain)
  • Play volleyball in Back Circle (it’s right near all of the dorms, and there is also plenty of grass space for any other sport you could want to play)
  • Get something to-go from Jazzman’s coffee shop and sit in Haupt Courtyard (conveniently in the middle of campus)
  • Make yourself a big ice cream cone in the caf (okay, so maybe this doesn’t involve the outdoors, but it’s never a bad idea)

In all, Kentucky weather is pretty amazing, at least from the perspective of someone that comes from Chicago. Transylvania showcases a lot of that warmth on campus, both from the physical surroundings and the people that go here. I highly recommend stopping by during the spring, because without the all the snow on the ground, campus tours can be longer and you can see just how happy our students are to be here.