What It’s Like to Perform on Campus

Justine Yentsch

With so many different types of performing arts on campus, it is very likely that either you or one of your friends will take part in at least one during your college experience. Truthfully, it can be rather intimidating, since you have to act and/or sing your best while facing an audience of peers, faculty, and the general public. However, the community is so supportive and our programs are so thorough that any anxiety is gone by performance time.

Recently I took place in the Cabaret performances, which are put on by all the choirs at Transylvania. This year’s theme was “The British Are Coming!”, and last year’s was Disney themed. Every single song in the show was based on the theme, and it was two hours of energetic Glee-like musical numbers, complete with costumes and choreography. However, the thing that makes it special is that the entire thing (besides the administrative and supervising work) is run by students. After the choir directors teach the music, the entire choir works to create a performance that is unique to our school, showcasing our talents and love for the performing arts.

You’d be surprised at the sheer number of participants on one stage at once, since it is put on by all three choirs, as well as a few other acts performed by other talented students at Transylvania University.

The shows quickly sell out, since you can always depend on Transy students to come support their peers and enjoy the inexpensive entertainment. I can’t wait until you can feel the thrill of performing on stage at Transylvania.