Keeping with the Clock

Rachel Morgan

I don’t know about you all, but the worst feeling in the world is looking at the clock and realizing: You’re late. You’re late. For a very important date. You grab everything, even stuff you don’t need, and bolt out the door. But traffic’s bad, and you’re not sure you’re going to be on time. Come on, everyone, you’ve got somewhere to be! No time to say “hello, goodbye”, you’re late! You’re late! You’re LATE!

I have those moments where I think I’m on time, I look at the clock and class starts in eight minutes. That sinking feeling starts in the pit of my stomach as I grab my keys and take off. The difference between most people and me, though, is I can reach my class in those eight minutes – and I know it.

Transylvania’s campus is small. We have two sides, and you’ll hear students and alumni refer to them as “Residential Side” and “Academic Side”, or as a whole referred to affectionately as “the Transy bubble”. Residential Side holds all the on-campus dorms except one, the cafeteria, and our Campus Center. Academic Side has all the class buildings, Old Morrison, the library, and the gym, along with the last dorm which doubles as an office building for professors. But no matter what, anywhere on campus is reachable in ten minutes of walking. I can walk from Thomson, my dorm building, all the way to Cowgill, the furthest class building from Thomson, in ten minutes – I’ve done it many times, with minutes to spare, when my hair dryer decides it’s going to be a punk and not work.

I can get to an eatery in five minutes; the bookstore, which is right next to campus, fifteen minutes. Fifteen to either Starbucks or Third Street Stuff and Cafe. I can get to the Carnigie Center in order to tutor elementary school students in fifteen minutes tops from my dorm. WalMart, if needed, is a five-minute drive – Kroger is ten. Everything I need is right around me, and easy to get to when needed. My friends and I will meet for lunch in the Rafskellar – a restaurant in a class building – and still have plenty of time to get to class. We can take a break from studying to go to WalMart and get groceries, and still be back in thirty minutes in order to keep working.

Tranylvania’s a small campus. That’s not always a bad thing though. It sets my inner White Rabbit at rest (funnily enough, I’m always wearing clock necklaces) and helps me feel that I won’t be late. It feels easy to access whatever you need – and really, who wants to be late anyways?