The Rewards of Rambling

Mattie Bruton

Even before I began my freshman year at Transylvania, I knew I wanted to become involved with the university’s student run newspaper, The Rambler. I pictured this taking the form of a few articles submitted here and there. I never, however, imagined that by October I would be The Rambler’s news editor- but this is precisely what happened.

The position of news editor brought with it a bushel of slightly daunting new responsibilities that I hadn’t faced when I was simply writing articles. I still had to write a story or two each week,  I also had to seek out interesting news events to cover, assign stories to writers, create page layouts, and, titularly, edit the work of others. Although I was excited to hold a more involved position on Rambler staff, I detected that my future would be busy, and these suspicions were absolutely accurate- the work I do for The Rambler is by far my most time consuming extra-curricular activity. I’m constantly darting around across campus scheduling or conducting interviews, brainstorming new topic ideas, going to budget and production meetings, and writing and editing stories. But I wouldn’t  trade this hustle and bustle for anything, because working for The Rambler has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my freshman year.

I have learned so much through my time as News Editor. I’ve learned about journalism, I’ve learned about responsibility, and I’ve learned about my campus and my community. One of the things I love most about Transylvania is that it has a tremendously active and aware student body– my peers truly care about the events and issues which impact their campus. In my position as news editor, I know that I’m contributing to keeping my fellow students well-informed, and the feeling of having an important role to play at this university is terrific and fulfilling.

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of interesting individuals across campus-  people I might not have spoken to were I not editor. These people include some of Transy’s best and most brilliant faculty and staff members like Dean of Students Barbara LoMonaco, Visiting Professor of Women and Gender Studies Avery Tompkins, and Captain Gowdy of the Department of Public Safety. I’ve also been able to get acquainted with Transylvania student leaders involved with things like Greek organizations and TUSGA.

All of this, after just one freshman semester.

And that’s one of the (many) really wonderful things about this school. You won’t get lost in the masses– you will have the chance to let your talents shine and your voice be heard. Whether your extracurricular passion is service, sports, leadership, journalism, video games or anything else, you’ll have the opportunity to become truly involved and make a difference in the Transylvania community.