Walk In Our Shoes – Visiting Transy

Rachel Morgan

You know that saying, “you won’t understand a person until you walk in his shoes?” Well, you won’t understand how a student feels until you sit in his or her class. Visiting a class can be one of the best ways to understand how attending any school feels, especially colleges. Unlike movies and Hollywood’s interpretation, every college has a different feel on campus that makes that college appealing. These ‘feels’ can be different for everyone, or a main idea that everyone feels when they attend, and you can’t get an idea of these ‘feels’ unless you are on campus.

I visited five colleges during my college search. I know that’s a low number, but I’m a focused girl – I knew I really only wanted to attend certain colleges and did my research on the schools I chose. Transylvania was honestly only on my list at first at the urging of friends and parents, but it seemed like a good fit for me, so I applied. I admit, I felt a thrill when I was invited to interview at Transylvania.

This thrill was both panic and fear. I am a shy person – I prefer to listen, to give advice when asked for or needed and to only speak up when there’s something important to say. An overnight with all new people, in the dorm of someone I didn’t know? I was absolutely terrified of this. I convinced myself it was necessary and decided to go.

It was the best choice I ever could have made.

No other campus has felt as welcoming as Transylvania. I was immediately introduced to so many students and other interviewees – some my friends from GSP – and my hostess was the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. She was so excited to show me around, introduce me to staff and student alike. Everyone smiled at me, everyone stopped to stay hello. The class I sat in on – Philosophy, not something I’d ever studied in an academic setting – handed me a book and told me what pages they were on, wanted to include me in their discussion.

Not one of the people I met that weekend treated me like some silly high school student. I was a possible classmate. I was a person they wanted to meet. Campus was warm and open; it made me feel like I could come here and be appreciated for who I was – who I wanted to be. It was the only campus I ever visited where I immediately felt welcome. And I never would have known it if I didn’t visit. You really can’t know if you don’t feel it yourself – you have to visit in order to really feel Transy.

If you’re already coming for an interview and overnight, great! Look me up, I’d love to chat with you. If you haven’t set up a visit, please do – another blogger, Emily Martin, is a hostess and she’s an awesome guide, as are all of her co-hosts and guides. Come and get a feel for Transy – it could be the best choice you ever make.