Creative Engagements

Justine Yentsch

As a first-year at Transylvania, it can sometimes be intimidating to get involved with events around campus. There is so much going on, it can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there is a system that helps expose you to many different types of performances, talks, events, and shows. When you get to Transylvania University for your first year, you will receive a long (very long) list of “Creative Engagements,” required and non-required events that will greatly enrich your understanding of local culture, your peers, and the world around you. In addition, you receive course credit for attending a certain amount!

Some example events:

  • Lexington Gallery Hop: Trashformed. “American artists intercept the waste stream of flotsam and jetsam of American  culture and transform them into works rich with meaning.”
  • Student Electronic Music Recital
  • Transylvania University Theater performance: “A Theatrical Adaptation of Lawrence Booth’s Book of Visions.”

However, these examples barely scratch the surface of the different lectures, art exhibits, concerts, workshops, and concerts. You get to experience ten events of your choice (all of them are displayed in a lengthy calendar which shows the schedule for the entire year), as well as  attend six required events that are designed specifically to prepare first years to brave the challenge of breaking into the college routine, educate you on how to get involved both on and off campus, and guide you into making decisions about your future.

Overall, the Creative Engagements system at Transylvania is nothing to take for granted. I am very thankful to attend a University that cares so much for our cultural development, shaping us into well-informed students and young adults.