Sneak Preview: August Term 2014


I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, I can’t start thinking about August yet, let me get through graduation first! And yeah, you’re right. But at Transylvania, we’ve already started planning for our first-year orientation program in August — and it’s going to be fantastic.

Don’t know what August Term is? Check out this explanation from Transy’s website for all the details! (Just keep in mind that the dates will be wrong because that’s the schedule from last year.)

Sure, it’s still over six months away, but we’re just so excited for the Class of 2018 to get here! This year I have the really cool honor of being the Student Coordinator for August Term, so I’ve had the exciting opportunity to be involved in some of the planning so far.

Over the last two weeks, we interviewed candidates to be August Term Scholars — upperclassmen students who will team-teach your First Engagements course with a professor. Your ATS will also serve as an orientation leader, confidante, and mentor — from before you even arrive on campus all the way through your first semester at Transy.

What’s really cool is that this position is pretty competitive — this campus is full of students who are excited for you to get here and want to help make your transition into college as smooth as possible.

My favorite part about helping with ATS interviews, though, was hearing faculty and staff talk about how excited they are about August Term too. One of the directors of the program always talks about it as “an experiment” — in it’s third year, every session has been different and it keeps getting even better. Confession: My class, the current juniors, was the last one in the pre-August Term era. Our orientation was crammed into a week. And I am so so jealous of everyone that’s gotten to go through it — you will be so prepared and will have so much fun!

As we were collecting our notes after a session of interviews last week, one professor said, “I just love my job; I get to be around such great students…That was amazing.” Translation: even current faculty that interact with Transy students every day were impressed with those we interviewed for ATS positions. So no matter who you get as your August Term Scholar, they’ll be the best of the best.

And after one of our sessions of interviews, Dean Bell, our current Vice President and Dean of the College, popped his head in to thank us for putting so much time into August Term planning because it’s a program that really does set Transylvania apart from all other universities.

So what I’m saying is, whether you’ve officially decided to join Transy’s Class of 2018 yet or not, our entire campus is excited to welcome you here. And as you make your transition into college life, you’ll be surrounded by students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to helping you in any way we can.

See you in August!