Snow Day Esca(mpus)ades

Rachel Morgan

The snow keeps snowing, the wind keeps blowing, but we can weather the storm!

Transy’s been covered in white these past few weeks; as soon as one layer melts, we are gifted with more, and this has just been a cycle for us this semester. We’re the only school in Kentucky that hasn’t missed class due to weather. People are driving safe, though, and most professors are being awesome about working with commuter students. Tours and scholarship interviews have been going strong as well, with Premier scholars and music students appearing on campus to display their talents.

Despite negative temperatures and frozen wastelands of Back Circle, students got out and enjoyed the snow. I saw people frolicking in the snow, making shapes with their footprints. People have been building the beautiful Snowhenge, having extreme snowball fights in front of my dorm (I nearly got pegged on my way to work, but it was still fun to watch) and even building our own personal Olaf and companion for all of Back Circle to enjoy (they like warm hugs). Even with the cold, Transy students made the most of our snowy days.