Vocal Scholarships: From Auditions to Your Freshman Year

Justine Yentsch

If you feel that you are musically inclined, it is highly recommend that you audition for a music scholarship. And although you can audition for either voice or instrument, my personal experience has been with the vocal program.

If you are also visiting Transylvania University for an academic scholarship, the music auditions are very convenient, since they occur on the same day. You’re already dressed nice, and hopefully the butterflies in your stomach aren’t too bad. So when the time comes, a current student escorts you to the practice rooms where you can warm up (and calm yourself down) before auditioning.

You only sing in front of a few professors, then answer some questions about your experience in music and what your future plans are. You don’t have to be majoring or minoring in music, and the professors are extremely nice, so for me it wasn’t as nearly as intimidating as I expected.

Eventually, you’ll (hopefully) receive your scholarship letter in the mail, which you will get in the same envelope as your academic scholarship info.

If you receive a scholarship, you are required to join one of Transylvania’s choirs and go to weekly voice lessons, which makes a lot of sense, since you probably were going to do those anyways if you are interested in music. Additionally, you attend musical performances that you are not apart of, exposing yourself to many diverse music styles. There are very many throughout the year, and are always worth it.

In late August term, you audition again to get placed into choirs (and you do not have to have a scholarship to audition. They are open to all students), and you will be put in either Transylvania Singers (woman’s choir), Pioneer Voices (men’s choir), or Transylvania Choir (mixed). With the same audition, the professors can determine which voice teacher you will work with that will be the best match for improving your vocal technique.

My experience in Choir has been amazing, since I’ve met a lot of people I probably wouldn’t have gotten to meet in classes or just around campus. You meet students besides the ones in your own grade, and work together for the sake of putting on excellent concerts that you will eventually get to perform in front of your peers as well as the general public.

If music is your passion, I highly, highly recommend auditioning. After all, there’s nothing to lose, and if you do immerse yourself in the vocal program, your experience at Transylvania University will be even more enhanced.