Transy as a Winter Wonderland

Mattie Bruton

Lately things have been getting pretty wintery here  in Lexington- what with below-freezing temperature, blizzards and ice storms. However, the recent weather hasn’t frozen the Transylvania spirit. In fact, these winter months have made me love being a Pioneer even more, and truly appreciate how unique the tight-knit community of this campus is.

Despite the formidable weather, Transy students don’t just hide out in their dorms and wait out the season. The snow that came to campus last week lasted for days- and during those days it wasn’t uncommon, when walking across Back Circle, to encounter such whimsical sights as a lopsided snow-man or a spontaneous snowball fight. No matter how frigid the outdoor temperatures may be, seeing things like this always warms me up a little on the inside, because  it reminds me of how connected and creative the community here at Transy is.

Another charming aspect of winter at Transy is all the toasty treats available both on campus and in the downtown lexington community. There’s snuggly hoodies and other winter apparel to be purchased in the school store, and always delicious, warm, fresh-baked treats like muffins and cookies at Jazzman’s cafe, as well as seasonal flavors of coffee and tea. A mere couple blocks from campus is Third-Street Stuff cafe– another perfect way to get your winter-weather pastry and coffee fix. (I recommend the hot chocolate).

Last of all, I believe the winter months bring us even closer on this campus- often when I’m scurrying against the wind from one place to another, I’ll see a fellow student shuffling in the opposite direction, and, even if I don’t know that student, we’ll exchange smiles and nods of solidarity. I’ve had doors held open from me from yards away- because some good kind soul knew I didn’t want to fumble with my key with cold fingers. You can strike up a conversation with any faculty, staff member, or fellow student about the intensity of the weather, and share a moment of empathy and true connection. You don’t get that kind of friendliness and sense of togetherness on other campuses.

It looks like we’ve still got many more weeks of icy climate to come. But that’s okay, because while the physical atmosphere might be chilly, the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual atmosphere here at Transy is always cozy as can be.