Premier Scholarship Day – What to Expect

Sam Crankshaw

If you applied to Transylvania and took advantage of the priority deadline that qualified you to be considered for premier scholarship interviews, then you are may be running potential questions and answers through your head, predicting how the day may go, and most importantly, looking forward to a day off of school.

The key to doing the best that you can do during your interview is to be prepared, but to also be relaxed. The interviews are not something to be afraid of. When I interviewed, I got to attend a couple of classes, eat lunch with some friends who also chose Transy as their home, and meet with my admissions counselor and the rest of the admissions staff.

Hearing that you will interview with a panel of faculty members and students sounds terrifying. Before arriving at Transy that day, I thought I would be aggressively defending my essays, arguing why Transy should want me, and trying to remember what high school involvement was worth mentioning and what was not.

You do, of course, need to be prepared for anything, but my interview was a friendly conversation among the interviewers and myself. We discussed my primary essay regarding the crucial roles that foreign language education plays as well as one of my favorite subjects, politics – or more specifically, The Affordable Care Act.

Reflecting back on my interview day, I have to seriously ask myself why my blood pressure was twice what it normally is. I had a relaxing morning experiencing the campus and the students, I got to meet with our awesome admissions team right before my interview, and then I simply discussed politics and French with some faculty members and a student.

Interviews sounds terrifying, and in many cases, scholarships will dictate what schools you can attend, but this interview is meant to get to know you as a person, a student, and a community member, rather than what your high school GPA was or how many times you took the ACT or SAT.

Before we welcome you to our campus on the days of interviews, take a deep breath and know that we really are welcoming you. Involve yourself as much as you can on that day by eating a meal in the caf, going on another tour, and by dropping in on a class or two. My scholarship day showed me the side of Transy that no promotional pamphlet can capture, and it allowed me to know that Transylvania University was my perfect match.