The Application Process: It’s Not As Scary As It Seems

Rachel Morgan

February is coming! February is coming! And so is the deadline for applications! AH!

As it reaches the time applications are starting to reach deadlines, I can’t help but remember my own experiences when applying to Transy. It may be because this time last year, I was talking my little sisters through how to apply to college themselves and soothing them over the phone as they panicked. It’s a daunting process, and can seem overwhelming. It’s not as scary as it seems, I promise! I can’t tell you how to write or what the application will look like, but I can give you a few tips and tricks for applying to Transylvania.

1. Fill out the Common App! Transylvania takes the Common Application online, that’s actually how I applied to school, and it is so much less stressful. It’s all online, so no worrying about the post getting there on time or your mailbox being snowed in. This weather can make you worry!

2. Be an individual in your application! Some high schools will give you certain topics to build college essays about, but it’s not all “what I learned from my parents” and “I’d like to meet Einstein so we can solve world war”. The “pageant” answers won’t make people remember you, the person. If it’s your true answer, give it – but detail it in your style. I wrote about traveling with friends; a friend of mine wrote about SHOES. There is no set list of topics. Put not just your words but your personality into that essay. After all, you’re trying to show the applications team who you are – it’s everyday you we want, not the pageant you.

3. Talk to your Admissions team at different colleges! I got to work with a wonderful Admissions counselor, who talked me through every step of the way, and reassured me that she would help me all she could. I’ve also met many members of the Admissions team, and they’re all friendly and love to help prospective students find out more about campus and start applying to attend Transylvania! You couldn’t find a better, more passionate team of counselors to help you on your way to Transy.

4. VISIT CAMPUS. I cannot stress this enough. Visiting campus makes such a difference. I actually made my sure decision after visiting Transylvania for an interview. I loved sitting in on classes: while at other schools I was just this little high school kid listening to their lectures, here at Transy the professors involved me and the students wanted me to join in discussions. Each person I passed gave me a smile and a wave, and I never felt uncomfortable on campus. Visiting the campus can show you a side of campus even my descriptions can’t quite show you. Get over here and visit!

5. Relax. It is going to be okay. Each of us at Transylvania have done the same thing you’re doing now, and we can tell you: you will get through it.  You can do this!