Calling a Concrete Box Home

Sam Crankshaw

Don’t be that kid that shows up on move-in day with a van full of furniture, trunks and a full kitchen for your dorm. But more importantly, don’t be like me and show up with the amount of stuff needed for a night over at a friend’s house. Don’t force yourself to go through a week of school tiptoeing around without shower shoes. Don’t make yourself get out of bed and have to put your feet on cold tiles. And most of all, don’t break your back over trying to find coffee when you need it most. You can definitely overpack for college, but I can assure you that under-packing is an even more dangerous game.

Dorm rooms, at first glance, appear to be concrete boxes with little character and harsh lights. You can, however, with little effort, make it your own on-campus sanctuary.

You can never go wrong with string lights. I lofted my bed, elevating it about five and a half feet off of the ground, put a love seat and table underneath, and strung lights and a paper lantern over the love seat. To complete the space, I bought a tapestry at a local shop, Sqecial Media, to hang in front of the whole set up. I can have the tapestry tucked back, or for those days when I need to escape from the world or isolate myself and get some serious work done, pull it down and block everything out.

Coffee will likely be your lifeline in college. Some people say that in college you have to choose two of three s’s – sleep, study, and socialize – but I say you can have all three…most of the time anyway. A single cup coffee brewer makes for a great cup of coffee, easy clean up, and a good boost to your morning or afternoon, all at the touch of a button.

Bookshelves may seem boring, but aside from soap, it’s probably the most useful thing you could bring. For just $20 at Target, you can have a place to house some dishes, books, speakers, pictures, and whatever else you might want.

Posters, additional lighting, and area rugs may seem superfluous to have in a place that you will inhabit for only ten months, but they all work together to create a warm environment and add some much needed color.

Leaving your room at home for a small room with unfamiliar furniture and an even more unfamiliar roommate is intimidating, but with the right attitude and the right things for your room, you can make your dorm your secondary home.

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