A Lesson on Kentucky


Kentucky is awesome. I’ve lived in this state since I was 3, but I don’t think I really appreciated all the cool things KY has to offer until I started college here in Lexington.

If you’re from another state, you might have an idea of what Kentucky is like in your head — the middle of nowhere, lots of horses and hillbillies — right?

And if you are a Kentuckian, you’re probably tired of people thinking you don’t own any shoes, right?

No matter how much you know about Kentucky already, there’s always more to learn. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed. I learn new things about our awesome state, as well as the city of Lexington, all the time!

Especially since moving to a more populated area like Lexington, I have met people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. This city attracts all kinds of groups and that makes everything so much more fun and interesting. The same can definitely be said for Transylvania as well — even halfway through my junior year, I’m still learning new things about my classmates and professors.

But what I love the most about both Lexington and Kentucky is how passionate people really are around here. Whether it’s by being a diehard fan of UK basketball or fighting for environmental justice, everyone seems to really care about our community and our Commonwealth. Which is pretty awesome.

Just check out this “love letter” to Lexington that was published by the Huffington Post in September. As you read it, keep in mind that Transy is in the heart of downtown Lexington, so we are literally surrounded by all the wonderful perks mentioned in the letter!

The press for our community has gotten even better as this last semester went on. A new local coffee shop, A Cup of Commonwealth was also featured in an online Huffington Post article for its constant community involvement. (Seriously, when you come for a visit to our campus, be sure to go by Cup of Commonwealth on your way in or out of town. Such a cool place!)

Last but certainly not least is probably the coolest organization I’ve learned about since moving to Lexington. Kentucky for Kentucky essentially works to show the world how cool Kentucky is. They create products and share stories that not only combat stereotypes but remind everyone of the really amazing things that have come from our state. Their current project is rebranding the state with the humorous, but really not that ridiculous, goal to make the state’s official slogan “Kentucky Kicks Ass.”

Just scroll through the products and videos on their website — hilarious, but really well done. And even if you’ve lived in KY your whole life, I bet you’ll still learn about something else that came straight from the Bluegrass State. If nothing else, check out one of their most recent blog posts about all of the cool things that happened in Kentucky in 2013.

Just a preview for out-of-state readers, Kentucky is the home of both stars of The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (who is from my county!), bourbon, the 2013 winner of “Food Network Star,”fried chicken, and more!

Every state has some sort of stereotype associated with it. But as you’re narrowing down your college choices, don’t let those assumptions guide your decision. Every state is more than a stereotype and Kentucky is no exception. So get those ideas out of your head right away! Kentucky has so much to offer and Lexington and Transylvania both really epitomize all that’s great about our state in a beautiful, vibrant, central location.