Transy Has Gone to the Dogs!

Lesley Goodaker

Once again, that time of the year has come and gone. Yes folks, I’m talking about the dreaded FINALS WEEK! For high school and college students alike, the last few weeks before winter break were filled with late night study sessions, fast approaching due dates, and caffeine…lots of caffeine. It’s times like these that I am truly grateful to attend such a great university! Transy understands how taxing these stress-filled weeks can be. As I’m sure you’ve read in Emily’s earlier post, homemade stress balls, free smoothies, inspirational memes, and late night breakfasts’ were only a small portion of what Transy had in store for its students; and as in years past, finals week at Transy went to the dogs!

On Tuesday, December 10, Transylvania invited a group of local therapy dogs and their owners to help students alleviate finals week stress. Students were invited to visit the Campus Center Gym where they were able to meet and spend time with Dexter the Sheepdog, and his four-legged companions, to detox from the stress of studying!

I hope you’re staying warm! Enjoy some pictures of the dogs!

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