Mattie Bruton

College students don’t always get a reputation for having the best health habits. The average college stereotype is, afterall, the bedraggled youth in a pair of baggy sweatpants, sedentarily watching movies and devouring massive quantities of ramen and ice cream.

But fear not, health-conscious high-schoolers, because it is so easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle at Transylvania.

As far as food goes, all campus dining locations have food options which are both nutritious and delicious. Some of my favorites include fluffy low-fat muffins or  savory veggie wraps at Jazzman’s,  made-to-order sandwiches and salads at the Rafskeller,  turkey-pesto wraps from the 80, and any of the cafeteria’s choice of fresh, Kentucky Proud fruits and vegetables. With so many seriously mouthwatering healthy options to choose from, it would be seriously difficult for me not to get nutrition and variety in my daily diet here at Transylvania.

There are also a multitude of easy and fun ways to stay physically active on campus. The Beck Center is open  basically all day, always convenient for a quick between-class work-out session, and it has available for student use a vast assortment of exercise equipment. I go to the Beck Center a lot, and I always enjoy it- the atmosphere is very laid back, and it’s refreshing to get moving and after a long, fidgety day of sitting in class.

If you prefer getting active in a group, there is also a plethora of cool intramural sports teams at Transylvania, from volleyball to Quidditch, which are open to anyone with a desire to play. Group fitness classes are also available, as well as group yoga and meditation classes, which are great for de-stressing and keeping your mind as healthy as your body.

I’m no fitness saint, I’ll admit. Sometimes I succumb to the unhealthy college stereotype and spend a lazy Sunday in my pjs eating Nutella with a spoon. But, in the end, the allure of Transylvania’s health-friendly options always wins me over.