Fun Facts of TU that I’ve Learned So Far

Justine Yentsch

As the stress of college applications is fully reaching its peak, I’ll try to give you a little break from your worries. The biggest mistake I probably made while applying to colleges was taking on too much at a time. After all, in the midst of typing dozens of essays for different schools, I forgot what the college search should be about: finding your match. To put it simply, your perfect college will like you as much as you like them. Try not to get stressed out about it! So in hopes of cheering you up a bit (and getting you excited about Transylvania University, of course), here is a quick list of the interesting things I’ve experienced in my first semester:

  • It’s only snowed a couple of times since I arrived in August
  • The desserts in the cafeteria are always ridiculously delicious
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll run into “Transy cat,” a stray cat that can sometimes be seen on campus
  • There will never be a shortage of food
  • Downtown Lexington is perfect for afternoon walks
  • There will always be someone studying in the library. It’s never empty
  • There will also always be someone in one of the many music practice rooms
  • The longest walk you have to class is probably around 5 minutes
  • It’s really easy to meet the people in your hall. Just leave your door propped open most of the time!
  • First Year Seminar (and all of those essays you write over the semester) really help you bond with your fellow freshmen
  • It’s pretty cool to write letters back-and-forth with someone, whether it’s your best friend at another college, your parents, or your grandma
  • Sadly, your crimson card ID picture will stay with you for all four years

Even though I’m stopping there (for now), there are literally hundreds of other positive quirks of the University, some of which you could experience in just one visit (Seriously. Go tour the campus).

My final advice: don’t stress out.

Take a deep breath. Drink some tea. Watch a movie. Relax.

College application season will be over soon, and hopefully, it will all be worth it in the end.