Celebrating Uncertainty and the Joys of Scheduling

Mattie Bruton

The semester is finally drawing to a close for me, and guys, I’ve got to tell you- I’ve got butterflies in my stomach. I’m ecstatic. Thrilled.  Why? Because I’ve got the world’s coolest schedule.

Next semester, I’ll be taking Latin II, Western Civilization 1, Intro to Philosophy, and an FYRS course on body modification called Embodied Resistance. And, as I have previously mentioned,I am so pumped.

As you can probably see from my choice of classes, I’m not picky when it comes to my academic interests- I love reading and learning about everything from the history of The Gilded Age to the evolution of the human mind. And while being universally fascinated has its perks (I’m rarely bored) it also makes it hard for me to pick a major. Before I came to Transy, my uncertainty about my major and future career goals was a source of nervousness for me. How would I schedule classes when I didn’t know what I wanted to major in? How would I make sure I had enough credits to graduate on time?  How would I pick a major with so many options out there?

Thankfully, I soon discovered that there is no better place to be uncertain than Transylvania University.

When I had my first scheduling meeting with my advisor (a shout-out to the wonderful Dr. Pollard), my major-less worries were put at ease. I wasn’t pushed into choosing a major right away. I was allowed, no, encouraged to explore different areas of study, and to pursue topics that intrigued me for no reason other than to feed my appetite for learning. Even students that do have a set major in mind are encouraged to pursue seemingly tangential topics which capture their interests here at Transy, which is part of what makes the learning experience at this school one of a kind.

And for anyone who shares my indecision jitters, the advisors at Transylvania are excellent at helping students find a major and a path that’s right for them. You’ll never be without a real, available person there who genuinely cares about your future. Your advisor will be there to help you through every step of your academic career to help you challenge yourself and explore different areas of study while still getting the classes you need to graduate, and, of course, to design a schedule worth getting a little excited over.