Sam Crankshaw

It’s that time of year again when the air nips your nose and the sun highlights the collage created by the colorful trees. Like the leaves are changing the look of campus this fall, so too is Transylvania’s Students Government Association.

On a campus as small as Transy’s, the student body has a great amount of influence over what it wants to see happen on campus – such as changes to academic policy, new computers, or cool back to school parties. One of the key liaisons between the student body and the University’s administration is the student elected Student Government Association, or TUSGA. TUSGA is composed of two entities – Senate (SGA), and the Student Activities Board (SAB). Student Activities Board deals with planning major events on campus and working with student organizations, and Senate deals with Students Affairs policies and Academic Affairs policies.

As a member of SGA, I am able to serve the student body and be part of the effort across campus to further improve what is already great. We have a very involved and committed student population, and are always hearing new thoughts.

We are currently working on many initiatives (Just to name a few):

– Building a movie viewing room/study lounge/presentation practice room

– Making recycling even easier around campus

– Installing a boulder to paint advertisements for campus events

– Hosting a nationally recognized comedian

– Remodeling the Forrer courtyard

– Advertising Transylvania more downtown and become more involved with the downtown

– All gender inclusion

TUSGA is one of many active and effective student led organizations on campus that represents our student body that is always seeking to improve. At Transylvania, you can immerse yourself into a community of people that, as a Lowe’s advertisement would state, “Never Stop Improving.” If you’re looking for a community that will take a dynamic role of leadership involvement, improving facilities, morale, academics, and so much more, then Transylvania is the place for you.

As a free member of the Common Application, there is no reason not to apply and to see if this academically prestigious and progressive community is for you.