What It’s Like to Go Home During the Holidays

Justine Yentsch

Even though I’m an out-of-state student, every holiday/three-day weekend, I make sure to fly home to take a break from college life, snuggle with my cat, and visit my friends from back home. I make sure to pack my suitcase with as much stuff as possible (mostly just things I don’t need in my dorm anymore that take up space) and to book a flight from the Lexington Bluegrass Airport (only about 15 minutes away) to the Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Whether you have to fly or drive to get there, it’s pretty relaxing to go home every once in a while. In your first semester at Transylvania University, you have three breaks: Labor Day weekend, Fall Break, and Thanksgiving. And then, once first semester ends, you get to unwind from December 13th to January 5th for Winter Break.

At first, it’s a little weird being back home.

Your parents might’ve changed the house around and given your room a makeover (or given it to one of your siblings), and your friends may be out of the country and can’t come home until Winter Break.

For me, I don’t have much time to go shopping all the time in Lexington (though the Fayette Mall definitely has lots of options), so I use breaks to get clothes, groceries, and plenty of food. And then, before I fly home, I buy a big deep-dish pizza, wrap it tin foil, and put it in my suitcase for the trip back. (Sadly, there are no Lou Malnati’s in Kentucky)

For first-years, the first break is pretty nice. August term can feel like a long time, and even though you may pretend you won’t, you will miss your parents.  So plan on enjoying your breaks, because as fun as college can be, it’s always nice to take a breather.