Work It

Sam Crankshaw

In high school, routine is often everything. You wake up everyday at the same time, go to the same classes each day, and return home at the same time. There are always some sports practices and music performances among other things, but for the most part, you can predict your daily schedule.

The routine of high school is comforting in a way. You know what to expect, and you know when you can fit in time for friends, dates with your Netflix account, exercise, etc. College, however, takes your high school schedule, throws it in a blender, and creates an inconsistent schedule that somehow fits together and unexpectedly works like clock work.

I am a scheduler. When I got to Transy, there was not a single blank spot in my calendar book. I marked down every step and every breath I took. While having your days planned out is very important in order not to forget deadlines and classes, I overdid it a bit. I have been able to harass my calendar a little less, and in turn started one regular activity that really helps me organize my jumbled schedule full of meetings here, work shifts there, class, homework, and of course friends.

Busy schedules can bog us down and trap us in libraries and dorm rooms, but I have found that exercise is key to mental relaxation. Transy is lucky enough to have a very new, 15 million dollar, athletic facility with a gym, track, and recreational gym open to students at all hours of the day. Transy is, moreover, located in a great location for outdoor running and biking.

Transylvania’s central location in downtown Lexington allows its students to walk, run, or bike to various restaurants, businesses, and parks without needing to deal with public transit or a car. Our sustainability office also has a bike share that students can use to rent bikes, free of charge, to get around town. (Traffic can be so bad that I can often bike to my parents’ home more quickly than driving!) Additionally, it’s urban environment creates a fun setting for recreational exercise. At a time in my life when my schedule often feels like a set of scrabble pieces thrown on a table, taking an hour out of my day for exercise a few times a week serves as my alone time while settling things down because it allows me to relieve anxiety and organize my thoughts – it also helps counter the Freshman 15!

College is a catalyst for lifestyle adjustments, and among many of those adjustments, is intense scheduling. One way to relax your mind and create at least one consistent activity is to engage yourself in exercise. Not only is it a free, but it helps your mind, your physical health, and when used in place of motor transportation, helps reduce your carbon footprint. Transy is a great place to get in shape.