Who’s Who?

Lesley Goodaker

Searching for a college to call your home for the next four years is undoubtedly overwhelming. At times, it will seem as if no one has the time or answers you need, but fear not. Throughout all of this chaos, there is one person who can ensure that everything is in place for you to make your final decision: your college admissions counselor.

As mentioned in my previous blog, corresponding with a college admissions counselor can be a tremendous help in quelling any fears you may have about a potential college. Admissions counselors—especially at Transy—are in place to help you answer any and all questions you may have throughout your college search.  At Transy, our admissions counselors are here as a resource to you as you navigate the application process and are an especially vital part in introducing you to our community.

Coming from a small public school in Western Kentucky, I was unsure how I would fit in at Transy. It was only after corresponding with my admissions counselor, Sarah, that I began to picture myself wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Transylvania University”. In the days leading up to my one and only visit to Transy I received several e-mails and tweets from Sarah expressing her excitement about my impending visit.

After taking a very relaxed tour—coincidentally, with a student guide from a town neighboring my own—I got the chance to meet Sarah in person. My mother and I accompanied her to a smaller conference room where I was able to voice all of my concerns over choosing a college. Out of each of the colleges I had visited, my experience with Sarah proved to be the most personable. As expected, any admissions counselor can “sell ” you on their college; however, at Transy, the ultimate goal of our counselors is to ensure that, no matter what college you choose, you can confidently call it home. In keeping with this attitude, Sarah was candid in each of her answers to my inquiries about topics ranging from Transy’s student life to life in downtown Lexington.

In the 2013 box office hit “Admissions”, Tina Fey—a college admissions counselor—addresses a group of potential applicants. “Of course,” Fey concedes, “everyone thinks [admissions counselors are] sadists; that we like saying no. We are in this job for one reason, to say yes.”  Our admissions counselors will aid you in every aspect of your college search and hopefully help you find a college to call home—but, ultimately, it’s up to you!

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