‘Tis the Season to be Thankful!

Lesley Goodaker

In spite of the fact that we should be thankful year round for our many blessings, the holiday season has a tendency to increase our thankfulness—especially when you’re a college student! As prospective college students, I feel that there are several things that—as a high school student—one may take for granted. While I am by no means free of guilt in this area, college has most certainly altered my perspective. Here a just a few things to be thankful for this holiday season:

1. Privacy! College means a significant decrease in privacy. Unless you opt for a single room, chances are you will be sharing your limited living quarters with a virtual stranger. Luckily, Transy offers excellent rooming accommodations—including a personalized roommate survey—which help make your transition smoother!

2. Your support system! Whether it’s your family, friends, or pets, college is your first leap into the real world. No matter if you’re a 7 minute walk or 7 hour flight from Transy, going to college means decreasing the amount of direct contact with those who have supported you the most. But have no fear! Ask any Transy student about “the bubble” and it’s likely you will discover that Transy’s population is one of the greatest communities you can be immersed in.  Nonetheless, be sure to thank those who have helped you on your journey thus far and be prepared to use what you’ve learned in this exciting new adventure!

3. No shower shoes! While a vast majority of the horror stories we’ve all heard about community showers are untrue, showering without shoes is an aspect of pre-college life everyone yearns for!

4. FREEBIES! As high school students, a vast majority of us had our needs provided for by our support systems. On the other hand, as a college student strapped for cash, “free” is not a term often found in our vocabulary. That being said, just about anything is instantaneously more alluring to a college kid—and generally, any sane individual—when the word “free” precedes it. Fortunately, “freebies” for Transy students are plentiful! From concerts and t-shirts, to delicious food and movie tickets (namely “Catching Fire” tickets), Transy provides its students with plenty of opportunities to score free stuff!

5. Home! No matter how in love with your college you are, trips home are always an excellent way to spend breaks. Undoubtedly, college will make you appreciate everything about your hometown that you never truly appreciated before like your friends and family (no matter how scatterbrained they may be), non-community bathrooms (Yay, no shoes required!), home cooked meals (and no, the Ramen noodles you have cooked do not count), and an available washer/dryer that doesn’t require quarters. Transy provides amazing support to students both near and far in the form of carpooling arrangements, over-break dorm accommodations, and the Friendship Family Program!