Top 10 Reasons to Apply to Transylvania


Disclaimer: I liked the idea of making a Top 10 list until I remembered that lists like these are inherently ranked. And it’s going to be really hard for me to decide which reasons are more important. So let’s just establish now that the following reasons are kind of in order, but not set in stone. You should just start filling out your application now!

10. You’re dying to post a picture of your acceptance letter with a vampire-joke caption. It’s okay, we’re used to it.

9. Transy is the 16th oldest college in the U.S. and that’s pretty impressive.

8. You don’t have to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year, and if you don’t like any of our 39 options, you can design your own!

7. Transy has a strong Greek life presence and I’m telling you as someone who’s not in a sorority that this is an advantage. Our Greek organizations do all kinds of benefits to our campus, from social events to service opportunities — and if you’re not a member, you can still participate in those events. That’s nothing to be intimidated by! (And if you don’t believe me, check out Mattie’s post!)

6. You’ll be prepared for college with our fantastic August Term. Our first-year orientation program is the coolest thing that’s been added since I’ve been here and I really wish I could have participated as a first year. You’ll be introduced to what a college class is like, explore Lexington, and make lots of friends! I promise.

5. Employers and professional schools recognize the value of a Transylvania education and you’ll have a competitive advantage after you graduate, no matter what you decide to do next!

4. Our student to faculty ratio is 11:1 and the average class size is 13. I promise that your professors will get to know you so well, you’ll wonder how people get by without such dedicated advisors and friends.

3. Lexington is the perfect combination of a city with plenty to do and a community of people that care. Which is why I hope to live here after I graduate!

2. More than 98% of our students receive some sort of scholarship/financial aid package so a liberal arts education is not impossibly expensive like I’m sure you’ve heard people say. You’ll meet students from a wide variety of economic backgrounds at Transy and we’re all still here!

1. It’s free to apply! So even if none of the other 9 reasons got you, you have no excuse now!

To apply, you can use the Common App or print off an application here. Also, hurry up and send it in before Dec. 1 so you can be considered for our Premier Scholarship Program.

If you have any questions about your application, just contact your admissions counselor!