Reality Strikes Again!

Lesley Goodaker

Last fall, as I sat staring at a blank Word document, it hit me like a ton of bricks: real life. Suddenly, everything seemed so important. Grades, class rank, extracurricular activities, and ACT test scores were only a few of the facets of my academic career that could potentially make or break me. Naturally, the worry began to seep into the forefront of my thoughts.

While most of us know that we have a pretty good shot at getting accepted into the college of our choice, doubt still resides within the pit of our stomachs. There have still been incidents in which even the “smartest” person—with an endless list of extracurricular activities—has been rejected by a college. I mean, how is it feasible for a person to accurately represent themselves in an entertaining and captivating manner in approximately 500-1000 words?

It was one thing to say that I want to go to a prominent university, earn a prestigious degree and save the world, but it was another to actually see the application—lying before me—that could make it happen. Staring at a blank college application was like staring at my entire future. All of a sudden, my 4.0 GPA and extracurricular activities didn’t seem to measure up. One wrong word or misplaced comma and it would all be over.

No matter how studious of a student you have been, college applications will undoubtedly bring to light every test you didn’t study for, every service project you missed, and every audition you skipped. As a naïve freshman these things all seemed so insignificant, but in that moment—filling out an application—these incidents are what could stand between you and a college acceptance letter. The thought alone is petrifying.

BUT…have no fear! College applications can be exhilarating. Think of them as a way to reflect on your life goals and aspirations. In doing so, you will be reminded why you’re putting yourself through—what most would deem—the cruelest form of torture. Although it is diligence that will ensure all of those daunting applications are completed, it is imperative that you remember to slow down, and take things one step—or application—at a time! Luckily, Transy is one of over 400 universities which utilize The Common Application, so applying is a breeze!

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