Why not Apply here?

Sam Crankshaw

Applying to college is a very stressful time for all involved. High school students must decide which colleges seem like good fits, parents must come to terms with the fact that they may soon be empty nesters, and colleges must find students that will enhance their academics and become an integral part of the campus community.

I found myself searching for colleges ranging from places like the Ohio valley to California, to the Mid-Atlantic, and consequently I had 14 essays dumped on me. They challenged me, stole some nights of sleep, forced a few extra cups of coffee on me, and loaded down my professor father’s desk in search of edits (there’s nothing more intimidating, yet helpful, than having a parent who is a college professor when trying to find the perfect school).

Ultimately, I was very glad to have written the essays I did, despite the added stress. They helped me examine myself and the way I had grown up. They forced me to thoroughly examine the issues that I found important – issues from my own school to the jungles of South America. Looking back, my writing seems rather elementary, but because of those essays, I was able to stop wondering whether I wanted to be a diplomat or a doctor, or an architect or a businessman, and find where my passions laid. Most of all, those essays got me into the colleges of my choice, and helped me find my place at Transylvania.

Perhaps the least stressful part of applying to college was completing the Common Application. Several colleges and universities are members of the Common Application – a universal application that is completed once and distributed to the member schools of your choice. The best thing about applying to Transy and utilizing the Common App is that not only does it save you time, but Transy submissions are free! I applied to 5 schools, accumulating over $350 worth of Common App fees, but Transy didn’t take a single dollar.

If you’re considering applying to Transylvania, there is no reason not to. You never know what might happen. You might be like me, and just add it to your list one day, and then suddenly realize that you couldn’t go or truly belong anywhere else.

College essay can be stressful, but use them as a process of self discovery. My college essays helped me discover myself, my university, and they helped my university discover me. With the conveniences of Common Application and Transylvania’s extensive scholarship and financial aid giving, you have nothing to lose.