Meghan’s Transylvania


Good morning! My name is Meghan Johnson and today I am taking over Transy’s social media. Meghan JohnsonMy time at Transy has flown by; it is unbelievable that I am already a senior and will be graduating in May. Looking back, my experiences over the past four years have been the most impactful, life changing, and wonderful experiences of my life and I want nothing more than for every student to grow and thrive at Transy during their collegiate years. I know that I have, and am very confident that you will too. While your story is yet to unfold, please let me share mine with you…

I am an exercise science major with minors in music and biology. I am from Owensboro, Kentucky and graduated from Apollo High School in 2010 with the Commonwealth Diploma and International Baccalaureate certificates. In high school I danced and played school and club soccer, was very involved in clubs and organizations, and the music program. With the exception of playing soccer, my involvement as a college student has been quite similar. I am involved in Greek Life as a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, I am an August Term Scholar, an SGA senator, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta, a member of Grace Notes a-capella group, Transylvania Choir, and the Pre-Health Club.  I began my time at Transy as a Biology major but quickly fell in love with Exercise Science and the allied courses as well as the faculty. I switched to a biology minor, unintentionally really, and it was a perfect fit. I am on a music scholarship for vocal performance so I also have a minor in music. Currently, I applying to graduate programs in public health for the fall of 2014 and will later attend Physician Assistant School.

It is so very important for you to picture yourself at Transy in every aspect; it could be your new home for the next 4 years. Can you picture yourself in Brown Science center researching with Dr. Duffin? Can you picture yourself as an August Term Scholar, partner-teaching with a professor? Or how about hanging out in back circle during May Term playing sand volleyball or spreading a blanket out and catching some rays? These are the things that we do at Transy. We talk to each other on the way to class and wave at professors that we had the previous semester. We study together, and learn together, and grow together. The research opportunities at Transy allow you to work with faculty that you already are familiar with, in areas that you both are passionate about. All of our professors are highly esteemed in their respective fields and are equally committed to their students as they are their research. August Term is incredibly unique to Transy and allows upperclassman students to teach with a faculty member for three weeks. You would write lesson plans and lead discussions as well as act as a mentor for new Transy students. It is not only a wonderful opportunity, but a privilege. These are things that you can do, things that you can experience. Don’t picture them happening or other people doing them… picture yourself here. Picture yourself as a pioneer.

When I was deciding where I wanted to go to school, it was less of a “where” question and more of a “how”. I knew my junior year of high school that Transy was where I wanted to be. I knew the minute I stepped on to Transy’s campus that I wanted to meet everyone, know everyone, and be a part of the Transy community. Students and faculty smiled at me and spoke to me as if I were already part of “the Transy bubble”.  Also, you’ll quickly learn that everyone opens the door for everyone…always, no matter what. I remember that the first person that I met at Transy was my admissions guide, Lee, who was then a sophomore pre-med student. He not only remembered my name when I came to Transy two years later, he also remembered my mom’s name and asked me how she was. Lee was a Rhodes Scholar finalist and is now in his 3rd year of medical school at the University of Lousiville. At Transy, there are hundreds of “Lees”.

The students are not only intellectual and passionate about learning, they care about the culture of the campus and about the inclusion of everyone, from prospective students to graduating seniors. As I said before, I knew I wanted to go to Transy, but there were things that I had to consider: cost and distance from home. Being from Owensboro, Lexington is a three hour drive with a time change. For me it was the perfect distance, but it took a little more convincing for my family. It is no secret that Transy is costly, but you have to realize exactly what you are paying for and the benefits of being at Transy versus any other school. You are not just paying for tuition, books, and room and board. You are paying for intellectual and personal growth, a lifetime of knowledge inside and outside of the classroom, and a four year experience that will change your whole life. To be cheesy, no matter what it took, I knew that I was going to Transy. And I was right.

Describing what Transy means to me and why I made the right choice in coming to Transy is not an easy task. Transy has given me more than I ever dreamed possible and I only hope to have contributed to it half of what I have taken away. While at Transy I have made mistakes and learned from them, I have made an F on a test and survived. I have pulled “all-nighters” and written a million papers. I have had 3 internships and 2 on-campus jobs, I have been a leader in 4 organizations and have written policies that impacted entire groups of people. I have learned how to think, not what to think and the importance of questioning what you know. I have made friends who have changed my life. They have challenged me and pushed me to be the best version of myself possible; at the same time, they have comforted me, laughed with me, and allowed me to be exactly who I am. Transy brings together individuals who would have never met at any other place. We are all different, yet can interact in a positive and productive way. Before college, I was scared that it would be impossible to balance all that I wanted to do. While academics are very, very important, I learned that the relationships formed during your college years are equally as important. These people are not just your friends for four years, they will be your colleagues, partners, and life-long friends. In choosing Transy I did not just chose a college; I chose a home.