Ajibola’s little piece of heaven

Ajibola Bakare

Ajibola Bakare

My name is Ajibola Bakare. I’m taking over today. I’m from Nigeria, yep, you were going to ask how in the world I go to Transy, right? I get that a lot.

While in high school, I developed this weird affinity for neuroscience and decided I was going to attend college to become a neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, the colleges in my country are not equipped for such career. I decided then to look outside of my country; I thought going to school in the U.S would be really cool. I was advised to apply to small liberal arts colleges for my undergraduate degree, I applied to about ten including Transy.

Applying to college is easy; having to choose which one to attend is the difficult part. I had just received nice acceptance letters -not that I am a genius- I was overwhelmed by all of these letters. After a lot of tedious analysis I was able to narrow my choices down to three schools.

You are so smart, you guessed right; Transy was one of the three schools. It was like God was watching and decided to put me out of my misery; fortunately, I met someone who had been at Transy to visit the summer before I applied here. She told me that it’s was a really great school and thought that I would like it. I decided to take to her advice and I am really glad I did, because she was right, I do really like it here.

Sometimes, I like to think that I am in heaven. It is just not possible to have this many nice people in the same location. Everyone here is super nice, I feel at home, even though I am oceans apart from my real home and family. Aside the love and care you get from everyone including the faculty and staffs, the classes are awesome. I went to a big high school and it was difficult to get my teacher’s help, at Transy, the classes are small and you never feel like a small fish in a big ocean. I like that I can walk into my professors office at any time and ask questions.

Oh, yeah science geniuses out there, Transy has some of the best science professors, they are the ones that actually teach you and they really want  you to succeed. I bet you’d like this: we do have research opportunities here at Transy. What??? I got a grant to do research over the summer; I spent my summer here working with one of my biology professors in lab, it was an awesome summer.

If you’re like me and would like to attend an awesome college, Transy is the right place for you. It is my little piece of heaven on earth.