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Reza Haider

My name is Reza Haider, and I’ll be talking over today.

I’m from Elizabethtown, KY and all of my family emigrated from Pakistan. Being a 2nd generation Muslim Pakastani American, I have always struggled two balance the two cultures. Balance two worlds. Sometimes, these two cultures clashed, and I found it difficult to be proud of who I was. Back at home, some of my peers made me feel bad for being different and for having a unique identity. That all changed when I stumbled upon Transylvania’s warm and accepting campus.

This time two years ago, I was in your shoes. I was scrambling to find a university that was right for me, one where I could see myself blossom and grow into who I wanted to be. To be honest, Transy was not one my initial choices. Then I heard about the 95% acceptance into Medical School of pre-med students (I have aspirations of attending med school) and immediately scheduled for a visit. I was shocked to experience a campus so different from other large state universities. Not only did I encounter genuine professors who truly care about their students, a small campus where your farthest class is no more than 15 minutes away, a beautiful university rich with history, but what really struck home with me was the people. The student body. My future peers.

Upon arriving at Transylvania, I expected to encounter the same unfair biases and stereotypes that had become so familiar to me in my hometown. I encountered a peer group that wasn’t unfairly condescending or mean, but instead a campus filled with curiosity for other backgrounds. The student body here, in our protected Transy bubble, is eager to accept and understand how others think. The campus community warmly accepted me and has been a nurturing environment.

I really want to share the awesome experience I’ve had with all of you and hope that you decide to take this wonderful opportunity and make it your own. Transy has become a place of nurturing protection for me; a home, and I hope it becomes yours to!



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