Hannah loves the bubble

Hannah Logsdon

Hey! My name is Hannah  and I am a first year at Transylvania.

Hannah Logsdon

I’m from Stamping Ground, a very small town about 45 minutes from here. I love living here in the city within walking distance of almost anything! Lexington is a fantastic college city.

I am taking over today to help you see a little more about what it’s like to live and learn at Transy. I am a History major (thinking about double majoring in art) and I eventually want to become a teacher! It’s great to have such supportive and helpful faculty ready to help me figure things out. Not only that, but the student body at Transy is also very tight knit and supportive.  When I first applied here, I thought the “Transy Bubble” was an exaggeration, but it’s a real thing! Everyone is looking out for each other, and I know I can count on my classmates to be there for me no matter what.

I may or may not have applied to Transy because I heard they had good ice cream (which is true!), but I chose Transy because out of the many colleges I applied to, this was the one that felt most genuine; it didn’t feel like the faculty was just putting on a show just to attract students, and I was never treated like a number. Now that I’m here, I feel certain I made the right choice.

Transy is a very genuine, caring, and supportive place to be, and I look forward to my next four years here!