How to Transition Yourself Into College

Justine Yentsch

Nervous about transition from high school to college?  Here are some tips that might help!

Know your interests

  • And no, not just what clubs/activities you did in High School. There are a lot of different clubs at Transy. Like…a lot. Check out the school website where they are all listed, and try to consider joining something you’ve never tried before. A lot of clubs are really informal, so if you end up not liking it, it isn’t a big deal if you choose something different.

Know your eating habits

  • This may sound silly, but college can really change the way you eat. Do you need to stock up on soda? How big do you need your freezer to be? Will you need to keep a stash of candy in your room? The meal plan has a ridiculous amount of options, but sometimes if you’re running late it’s good to keep some granola bars or something around.

Get a good study playlist

  • It doesn’t matter if you prefer death metal, soft indie music, or…set up something that you can listen to while sitting in your dorm, the library, or wherever you choose to do homework. If you just go on youtube, you’re definitely going to get distracted when you’re picking out each individual song.

Buy all your dorm accessories/necessities beforehand

  • That way, you’ll know if your mini-fridge works correctly before you carry it up all the steps to your dorm.

Get used to deadlines

  • Like it or not, college is still school. Don’t stress yourself out by doing things last minute.

Get ready to having friendly, attentive teachers

  • Your professors will all have office hours. Use them. Get to know your professor, and your professor will get to know you.

Be thankful for your parents

  • After all, this all wouldn’t be possible without them. At least be prepared to call them one a week. (You’ll miss them more than you thought you would)

And most importantly…BE THANKFUL FOR YOURSELF

  • You’ve worked hard through High School, and now you get to start over in a whole new environment. Embrace it. Enjoy it. When you’re older, you’ll refer to these years as the “best years of my life”…so you better make them something to brag about.