See the campus as it really is.

Justine Yentsch

For those of you who are not following the “Transylvania University Admissions” page on Facebook, I highly recommend you check it out. After all, it isn’t just statistics and official information. If you take a look into one of the many photo albums, you can see the campus as it really is, with things you might not find when simply looking at the University’s profile on some college-ranking site.

One of the many albums posted (and my favorite) is the “Out of the Norm Dorm Decorating.”

It was a dorm-decorating contest held a month ago, where students submitted pictures of their rooms, and people voted on their favorites by “liking” the pictures on Facebook.

Some submissions:

(there are many more pictures in the actual album!)

As you can see, there is an unlimited amount of options when it comes to decorating your dorm. You could choose to bunk your beds, buy a couch, hang up Christmas lights….whatever makes your room feel like home. (Though make sure that whatever you want to do, your roommate is okay with it)

And when you come to visit the campus, make sure to take the tour so that you can see even more rooms, and even more ways to decorate!