Overnight Visits… “Git rrr done”

Rafael Jauregui

College applications are approaching their deadlines. High school students only have a short amount of time before they have to make their decision. So high school students are making their way out to visit campuses, or, as it should be sleep on them.

At Transylvania University, there are a few different options for visits. There are weekdays visits, basically, a tour, and there are overnight visits, the visits where the students experiences what Transy is all about.

I ended up at this school particularly because my overnight visit showed me what college life was about. It taught me that Transy was a mellow environment, yet also vibrant in the nighttime. It was similar to what the nighttime was like back home. As the sun approached its final hour, things in my home became to cool down and settle themselves in like how an elastic band returns to its original state. Transy was like that; it meant that although the day may be over but there are still a lot of opportunities ahead.

The overnight visit is the honestly the best visit that a student can have simply because it gives the student the best overall idea of what Transy and college, in general, are like. For overnight visits, students arrive on campus around later in the day and they meet with their host. Nonetheless the host isn’t so much important because the student will have the same experience no matter what.

Students stuck on the border about taking an overnight visit, I have one thing to tell you. It is a famous quote by an inspiration man named Larry The Cable Man and it is, “Git rrr done”. Prospective students overnights are not meant to bring high school students here to scare them away but to show them what a lovely campus Transy truly is, so get off your butt and schedule your overnight visit. And when you come, let me know, I will personally find you to say hello and see how everything is going. I hope to see you in the future and, ultimately, I hope to see you as a student at Transylvania University!