The Roots of Friendship

Andrew Traughber

I had a dream the other night. There are times where I’ve wondered if I made the right decision coming to Transy, and this dream challenged that thought.

There I was exploring a different college’s campus with my father, the tour guide, and for some reason two fraternity brothers. I was being shown all the neat things on campus, and was really impressed by it all. Then, my fraternity brother Colin said something along the lines of needing to leave soon. That triggered something inside me. I turned to the tour guide looked her coldly in the eyes and said “I don’t need to see anymore. I’m staying at Transylvania. I’m staying because the people I love are there.” Its true, the friends I’ve made here will last a lifetime.

Last weekend I got the opportunity to make some better connections with people while doing a great service project. A fellow senior and two first-year friends went down to Russellville, KY to plant some trees. Due to time conflicts we had to ride in two separate vehicles, two people in each car. You can talk about a lot in a 3 hour car ride. Our topics were wide: ranging from school all the way to World War III.

The next morning we all woke up early, rented a two-man auger and got to work. We were methodic in our hole drilling, working our way through a grid measured by one person’s footsteps. After we drilled the holes, we organized the trees, and began planting the fifty-five indigenous trees. Overall we spent around eight hours in the field, laughing, singing, and working hard. It was a great experience, and I’m happy to say that the first-year who I shared a car with is now my little brother in the fraternity.

In twenty years I can’t wait to return to see how our trees and friendships have grown.