The Trifecta

Sam Crankshaw

Lexington’s vibrant community stretches far beyond its active downtown. We are surrounded by rolling, green fields full of horses, picturesque barns and historic manors; we even have a field on Main Street that hosts polo matches and community events!

Lexington’s strong tradition of being a leader in the world’s horse industry has resulted in one of the most classic and influential racetracks in the country ­– Keeneland Racecourse. Not only does Keeneland host the Bluegrass Stakes race that is one of the most important qualifying races for The Kentucky Derby, but it also facilitates some of the most high profile horse auctions.

While most of us are not directly involved in qualifying races or auctions, the races engage thousands of people, raising the blood pressures of all involved. There is nothing better than throwing down bets and then joining in the screams of several thousand people as the sound of horses running arrives and quickly fades away, leaving some wallets crying and others with enough money for a new house.

Once during the fall and spring meets, Keeneland hosts College Day. College students, who are always looking for way to save a dollar or two, get free admission, and flood the grandstand and tarmac. College Day also results in an abundance of free koozies, shirts, food, and the opportunity to win several scholarships.

This fall, College Day was on one of those quintessential Kentucky days when the air is crisp, the breeze is light, and the sun is bright. But there was something else in the air. It was my birthday. Ok, so maybe all 15,000 people there weren’t focused on my birthday, but there I was, surrounded by my best friends, at a Kentucky institution, juggling an armful of free things and losing bets, reaffirming my love for Lexington and Central Kentucky.

Sometimes, College Day happens to fall on more than just my birthday – Greek life function nights. Later that night, I found myself at a Sorority Halloween informal covered in blue paint and blue hairspray, dressed as Lilo and Stitch with my date, Jamie. Once you have College Day and a Halloween party, why not throw in some UK tailgating and get the Lexington and Transylvania trifecta?

Lexington always has plenty of day and nighttime activities, but occasionally the rural racecourse and the city unite, creating a day to remember. Transylvania is situated in an energetic city and region that provides students with numerous activities throughout the week and on the weekends. In Lexington, and at Transylvania, you will never find yourself without something exciting to do.