Lighting the Night for Halloween Frights (and Fun!)

Rachel Morgan


Pumpkins light the steps of Old Morrison.

Pumpkins light the steps of Old Morrison.

Yes, I said PUMPKINS. Lights, camera….no, let’s just go back to lights.

One of my favorite things about the Halloween season is Jack-O-Lanterns. I have always loved anything to do with lights; Christmas lights are my favorite decoration, I have lighted bottles in my dorm room, and my iHome flashes colors to the beat of the music. Lights are entrancing and beautiful, and I love decorating and see all you can do with them. This love extends to Jack-O-Lanterns. I have many fond memories of carving pumpkins with my family and decorating our front walk with the beautiful lighted globes, the designs all varying and wonderful.

My first year at Transy, though, I was upset as Halloween drew near – I couldn’t go home much leading up to Halloween, simply due to my school work and my wonderful involvement on campus. I loved what I was doing, but not being there to help with Trick-or-Treat or the Halloween Happening (a wonderful festival my old elementary school puts on) was an unhappy situation, and no Jack-O-Lanterns just hurt. I wanted to celebrate, to continue traditions I held dear to my heart, but how do you celebrate as a student with no car and no time to leave campus?

Of course, Transy took care of me.

Every year, Transylvania has a day where all the students can go and carve pumpkins. I sat with one of my good friends, carving away at a Jack Skellington design as she worked on a beautifully intricate music staff design. We threatened one another with the pumpkin guts (I’m sure there’s a proper word for that but “pumpkin guts” still makes me smile and holds a lot more memories) and saved a lot of the seeds to bake them. It was a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends, all without leaving my campus and never being too far from my classes. Transylvania even provided the pumpkins to choose from, and I found one I would have picked directly from the patch.

What I wasn’t expecting happened later that night. Transy’s staff gathered the carved pumpkins and put candles in them, and that night they made the magic happen. If you’ve never seen Old Morrison’s steps, it’s a beautiful old white building. Old Morrison at night, steps decorated with literally hundreds of lighted Jack-O-Lanterns, is truly a magical experience. I even found my Jack-O-Lantern, Skellington, perched among other carved pumpkins, grinning away as it gleefully lighting the night.

It’s a great tradition: carve a pumpkin, spend time with friends and relax as you design your own Jack-O-Lantern.  My biggest recommendation – come see them. The pumpkins light up Old Morrison’s steps – and it’s a sight beyond words.


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