The Recruitment Crossword

Rachel Morgan

Women’s Recruitment. How do you describe Women’s Recruitment? More importantly, how to describe the process from the inside? I’m not sure I know a good metaphor for it, so I think I’ll draw my own parallels.

Women’s Recruitment from the inside is like a crossword puzzle.

No, wait, hear me out. Well, read me out, I guess. I mean this in the best way possible. Crosswords are one of the most well known puzzles people can face, and are quite challenging. The words all are long or short, have differing meanings or synonyms or antonyms. There’s a common theme. You have to make everything -fit-, the overlapping letters interlock so that every word is used and all spaces filled.

Groups of people – here the chapters of our four sororities – are the exact same way. You want to make sure everyone fits together. The chapters want to get to know every potential new member, find the women who would fit well with each other and in the chapter. Not only for the chapters, but for the women looking for her chapter as well: the focus is to find where she is at home as well, the sisterhood she is meant for, her set of squares where she interlocks with the rest of her puzzle.

Every chapter is a wonderfully complex crossword puzzle. No two words in the puzzle are exactly alike; no two women are exactly alike. We all have our own interests, passions, majors and personalities. It is our chapter, our puzzle, that unites us into one group; we interlock to form a complex puzzle, working towards similar goals and under similar themes (morals and ideals) that create the crossword of our chapter. And in this manner, no two puzzles are exactly alike. No one puzzle is weaker or less than any other puzzle; each is wonderfully created to make a puzzle worth all the time that goes into it, a fun, interactive puzzle. Each sorority is filled with diverse women who interlock on many different levels – major, passions, hobbies, morals, interest – to create a network of passionate sisters, working towards common goals in many different ways.

And the best part is, there’s no one solving this puzzle – it’s up to the women, both within the chapter and the potential new members – to find where they fit and complete their crossword. There are Recruitment Counselors, or Rho Gammas (I served as one this year), who unaffiliate in order to help the women looking for chapters find their home. They give up their letters and sisters for the entirety of Recruitment – that’s a lot harder than it sounds, but it’s for a good cause. These unaffiliated women held guide the women looking for a chapter through Recruitment, help them puzzle through choices and find the chapter they feel at home with. They help the women find their place in the puzzle.

So it really is like a collection of crosswords – Women’s Recruitment finds how we all fit together.