Individually Unique, Together Complete

Lesley Goodaker

When my August Term Scholar first suggested that I at least go through recruitment, I seriously questioned her mental stability. Recruitment? To a first year college student like me, the word alone seemed extremely intimidating. Not to mention that the hype around Rush Week did nothing to quell my uneasiness. I’d seen enough Sunday afternoon Lifetime movies to know that Greek life meant binge drinking, wild toga parties, and hazing, right?

Acting as a Rho Gamma—a sorority member who has temporarily forsaken her chapter’s letters in order to provide unbiased guidance for new recruits—she quickly set me straight. At Transylvania, the Greek community is an integral part of the campus environment. Together, the chapters strive to redefine what it means to go Greek, and though the events surrounding recruitment may seem daunting, Transy’s Greek community is extremely inclusive.

While it all sounded great in theory, I was still unsure of whether or not Greek life was for me. When Women’s Recruitment rolled around, it was literally a last minute decision for me to commit to rushing. On the last day to sign up, I raced across campus to my dorm fifteen minutes before the deadline. I bolted up the three flights of stairs to my room, scribbled out a check, and raced to Shane McKee’s office, who of course, was in a meeting—luckily a fellow student made sure I was signed up.

In the days leading up to the first event the excitement in the air was palpable. Active members were decked out in their chapter attire, Rho Gammas were preparing words of encouragement, and the recruits were anxious to begin. Having never experienced any form of Greek life, I had no idea what to expect; and try as they might, our Rho Gammas could never seem to capture the true splendor of it all. With the passing of each event night, the atmosphere became increasingly formal; yet, not once throughout my entire recruitment process did I feel out of place.

Whether or not you choose to go Greek, the women you will meet throughout recruitment could turn out to be some of your greatest friends and allies. Receiving my bid was everything I never knew I wanted. Running out to my sisters on reveal day is something I will forever treasure.

That day I gained my letters.


That day I gained my family, complete with over fifty sisters.


That day I gained my home.


Here at Transy it is evident that we are individually unique, but it is only when we are together that we are truly complete!


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