Men’s Fraternity Recruitment — Fear Not

Sam Crankshaw

Transylvania’s Greek life scared me. Its ranking as #1 in nation for Greek life and Greek involvement seemed unreal. It felt militant. I almost didn’t enroll here because I didn’t want to feel pressured to choose something I did not want.

Fear not. Greek life may not be for all (in fact, we have a very strong independent community, and both Greeks and indies are very socially integrated), but it is one of the strongest and most inclusive communities on campus.

On paper, rush sounds intimidating. You must meet every member of every fraternity and participate in their rush events. I repeated “Hi, my name is Sam,” more times than I’d like to remember, but I was myself, and I found my fraternity, and my fraternity found me.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, I got to meet some great men on campus from all of the fraternities, I got LOTS of free food, I got to go to a couple of fancy socials, and the anticipation for bid day (the day when you find out what fraternities you have the option to join) swelled.

Finally, bid day came, and I received my bid from Delta Sigma Phi. Back Circle was buzzing, filled with hundreds of students, faculty, staff, and parents surrounding the three fraternities (Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Alpha Order, and Phi Kappa Tau) awaiting their future pledge classes. New member after new member ran out to their rioting, body painted fraternities, and the event finished with chants, fraternity songs, and bid day parties.

Transylvania’s Greek life is nothing to be afraid of. It does not fit the stereotype of a group of wealthy, elitist, homogenous men. During rush, I didn’t put on a show, or put up any walls, and I found myself in the most diverse group of brothers, any of who would bend over backwards for anyone.

Transylvania posses one of the strongest Greek systems in the country, and I am so glad to be taking full advantage of it. Greek life isn’t for everyone, but sometimes it captivates those of us who expect it least, and it certainly isn’t anything to be afraid of.